Say Goodbye to Lengthy Implementations: The Power of 'No Code' CPQ

Oct 9, 2023

The Challenge of Flexibility in Traditional CPQ Software

The biggest challenge with most CPQ software is that flexibility is poorly implemented within their platform. Typically, their design requires sophisticated users to configure the software in order to meet every specific business need.

On the surface, that seems like a wonderful option; after all who doesn’t like infinite flexibility? The reality is that configuring most CPQ software is never fast, never straightforward, and almost always requires expensive consulting and unavailable IT resources.

That’s why every CPQ project begins with a deep dive into existing business requirements. Then, during the lengthy implementation, you will document the as-is, imagine the to-be, and burn cycles on the gap analysis.

Have you ever wondered why executives dread these projects? They all take twice as long as expected, cost twice as much as projected, and rarely end with a delightful solution.

The Rise of "No Code CPQ"

It’s no wonder that “no code CPQ” has become one of the most popular business system searches on the internet. Users are tired of bending software to meet business processes and are looking for an alternative, but they don’t want to force their business processes into a software platform either. Instead, they want something that is able to be deployed out-of-the-box, with robust functionality that meets their needs, and set up quickly by business users rather than IT.

Vendori: A Solution Born from Frustration

At Vendori, we are the top search result for “no code CPQ” because we lived through the pains of implementing and administering CPQ, and designed a solution that can be implemented in days, not months.

  • We understand SKU proliferation because we have lived through the internal vs. external part number debate.

  • We have dealt with constantly changing licensing programs and their impact on pricing waterfalls.

  • We have seen ineffective channel quoting where quotes are lost between partners.

  • We understand complex workflow routing rules that have been designed by disparate teams.

  • We have seen clunky software that is hard to use, takes forever to quote, and crashes often.

It’s from all that frustration that Vendori was born.

The Vendori Advantage

At Vendori we reimagined CPQ and developed a software platform where business users set up pricing models, attach them to products that are categorized by simple hierarchies, build price waterfalls without IT assistance, and develop complex workflow routing rules using a straightforward rules engine.

All of this comes out of the box, meaning there are no lengthy projects, no hidden implementation costs, and rapid time-to-deployment. Without any of the usual complexity of CPQ, you can be up and running in days and will be delighted by how quickly quotes flow through your sales channel.

Embracing "No Code" CPQ

So rather than pushing through the pain of implementing a complex CPQ platform, why not implement a “no code solution” out of the box? We would love the opportunity to show you just how easy this can be. Schedule a demo here and bring control and velocity into your sales process today.

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Put Control and Velocity
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Get Started Today

Put Control and Velocity
into your sales process

Schedule a call with one of our team members today!

Get Started Today

Put Control and Velocity into your
sales process

Schedule a call with one of our team members today!